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Easy Outdoor Decor 

Wrought Iron Gazebo

How To Transform Your Life And Your Yard

So, you want a wrought iron gazebo -- a chic outdoor room!  And I bet you're thinking of the comfort, beauty, and meaning an outdoor room adds to your life.

Then surely, you want metal gazebo  lifestyle tips and ideas.

I can imagine you thinking of all the different ways to use your new gazebo and dreaming about how great it will be.

Using 2 arbors to make a garden structure. Arbors and Gazebos make a great oasis retreat.

Use 2 Wrought Iron Arbors To Make A Gazebo

Don't you just love wrought iron gazebos?

Easy Outdoor Decor

36 Ways To Use Your

Easy Outdoor Decor

Almost anything you do in your indoor rooms, will be way more enjoyable outdoors in your own wrought iron gazebo!


Here's my quick list of 36 ways you and your family can use any kind of gazebo:

  • Birthday parties
  • Barbecues
  • Graduation celebrations
  • Slumber parties
  • Baby showers
  • Greenhouse
  • Garden parties
  • Watching the seasons change
  • Meditation space
  • Wedding vows
  • Wedding receptions
  • Game room
  • Reading room
  • Focal point
  • Home office
  • Kids arts & crafts room
  • Your own art room
  • Alfresco lunch room

  • Outdoor home office
  • Architectural statement
  • Potting shed
  • Flower arranging room
  • Gift wrapping room
  • Kids playroom
  • Alfresco dinner room
  • Tea room
  • Spa
  • Hot tub
  • Sleep porch
  • Cook center
  • Dance floor
  • Outdoor decor project
  • Alfresco breakfast room
  • Workout room
  • Coffee lounge
  • Chat room
  • Fresh-air family room


See what I mean?

wrought iron gazeboWrought iron gazebos are extreme multi-purpose spaces. They are fabulously functional yard accessories.

You get an outdoor room with privacy, shelter, and a 360-degree view. Your yard gets a party palace with lots of visual impact. And your property gets a boost in value.

How fabulous is that -- not a looser in the bunch!

A wrought iron gazebo is an outdoor sanctuary that extends your living space and costs a whole lot less than adding a room to the house.

And the elegance of a wrought iron gazebo will make any little trinket you add look absolutely fabulous!

Easy Outdoor Decor

The Love Affair Begins

Easy Outdoor Decor

I fell in love with gazebos as a child. I could see my neighbor’s backyard from my bedroom window. I watched in fascination as their wrought iron gazebo changed personalities with every season.

Chilly, gray days backdropped the gazebo in winter. Even now, I can remember thinking how much it looked like the carousels I rode in summer.

It wore tulips and daffodils in the spring, while climbing vines dressed its pillars, and huge ferns hung from its arches.

All summer long, colorful cotton swags billowed from the center of the gazebo’s ceiling to its corners. And small breezes played happily with the fabric that fell between the arches.

Autumn had the gazebo’s floor dressed in pumpkins and gourds. Hay bales covered with mums became its border.

Easy Outdoor Decor

The Love Affair Bares Fruit!

Easy Outdoor Decor

It’s the strangest thing, but somehow I've been hard-wired to love all things outdoor décor. Iwrought iron gazebo t’s crazy -- I know -- but completely true.

As an adult, I still love wrought iron gazebos.

When I was blessed to build my own home, nothing I tried would make my husband agree to live with me in a wrought iron gazebo.

Believe me, I tried  everything!


So, instead I built a fully enclosed, 8-sided gazebo and accented it with fabulous, wonderful wrought iron outdoor decor! The picture you see above is my gazebo house. There's more than one way to skin a cat -- I always say!

My friend Vali takes the most beautiful pictures. And she was kind enough to take this one for me. But I'm digital image-challenged. So the image you see doesn't do justice to Vali's talent.

The house is actually 3 octagons -- one is set inside the other with another octagon on top. That's the cupola. And wrought iron is absolutely everywhere!

Now you know I'm crazy -- crazy about outdoor décor!

Easy Outdoor Decor

Gazebo Fun Facts

Easy Outdoor Decor

The word gazebo is an inter-mingling of the words “gazed” and “about”.

Gazebos are called everything from summerhouses, screen houses, kiosks and pavilions to pergolas, arbors, grottos, teahouses, and pagodas.

They've been around for literally thousands of years. 

And many of today's wrought iron gazebo designs are actually inspired by medieval architecture and Italian cathedrals.

Easy Outdoor Decor

Wrought Iron Gazebo Features

Easy Outdoor Decor

Here's the short list of features you can expect to get with your wrought iron gazebo:

  • Elegant scroll patterns
  • High style
  • Weather resistance
  • Fade resistance
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Old World charm
  • Art Nouveau Architecture
  • Customization opportunities
  • Hand-forged
  • Solid steel construction
  • High-penetration welds
  • Slip-fit assemblies
  • Powder coat finishes
  • Silver, reddish-bronze, black, antique white, and blue-green patinas
  • Unlimited shapes, sizes, and styles
  • Multiple base options like wood, brick, and limestone just to name a few
  • Sleek, substantial pedestal options

A steel gazebo can take any form from ornate Victorian with beautifully turned posts and handrails to Nouveau Gothic with intricate scrollwork across the ceiling and down the pillars.

There's also modern rustic and thoroughly modern with clean contemporary lines.

My favorite? I'm glad you asked! It's the classic observatory with a dome and pillars.

Your wrought iron gazebo can have 5, 8, or 12 sides. Or you can choose one that’s round, oval, square, or rectangular.

If you’re zany like me, why not customize it with a combination of any of these shapes.

Some wrought iron gazebos are just big enough to tuck a bench underneath. And others are larger than any of your indoor rooms.

Easy Outdoor Decor

Where Will Your Gazebo Live?

Easy Outdoor Decor

This is the single most important wrought iron gazebo decision you'll make. So take some time to ponder. You’ll be glad you did.

You want your gazebo to be as inviting as possible. If it is difficult to use – whatever that means to you – you’ll avoid using it. And that's no fun at all!

You can stake out the location with string to get an idea of how well the location you've chosen will work. Leave the string in place a few days to see if you can live with it.

Take it a step further and put a chair in the spot you've staked out. Then sit down, and look around from the gazebo's point-of-view.

Will you use your gazebo to serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, or midnight snacks? Think easy access if any of your plans involve carrying items between the gazebo and patio, or house.

Let's create a little mystery! Let's add an element of the unexpected! Position your gazebo so the entire structure can't be seen all at once from the house.

Make it just visible enough to compel your friends and family to explore and discover.

You’ll have lots of happy traffic between the house and your gazebo.

Gazebos are all about panoramic views! Think about how you can position your gazebo to take in as much scenery as possible.

This is really easy if you have a large area in your yard that’s also elevated. You’ll have a great view from above.

If your property extends to a large body of water -- you are so lucky! You can build a solid base that extends beyond land's end, overhanging the water. Then secure your wrought iron gazebo to this base.

The visual effect is extremely powerful. And the technique works well for backyard pools, ponds, creeks, and waterfalls.

You can also put your gazebo at the far end of the yard. Done right, it creates the illusion of more space -- the eye perceives that the yard continues beyond.

If you want the gazebo close to the house or pool, incorporate it into your existing deck or patio.

How does your garden grow? Accessorize your garden with your new gazebo! Watch your garden grow and smell your flowers at the same time.

With your gazebo so near the garden, it will easily do double duty as a potting shed.

Easy Outdoor Decor

Wrought Iron Gazebo Creature Comforts

Easy Outdoor Decor

Utilities. Face it. We can't live without them. And you shouldn't -- not even in a wrought iron gazebo.

If you love convenience, you’ll definitely want to consider running water, lights and electrical outlets.

Check out gazebos that have columns supported on a good size base.

The base will give you a place to put your light switches and electrical outlets. And with careful planning, you can even have running water and a work or serving surface.

Solar and low voltage lights as well as candles are all convenient and inexpensive lighting options.

You and I both know you need music in your outdoor room!

Add a weatherproof sound system that’s fed from your indoor stereo system. This is also inexpensive and easy to install yourself.

Where will you put the barbecue pit? Is it on the patio now? Will you move it closer to the new gazebo?

I have a friend who has outfitted his wrought iron gazebo with a stove, an oven, a small refrigerator, a sink and a grill! Must be nice!

What about drinks at sunset? You'll need an outlet for the blender. Margaritas anyone?

Easy Outdoor Decor

Your Gazebo Walls

Easy Outdoor Decor

You'll find that some wrought iron gazebos have trellis sides while others have pillars.

One thing they all have is fabulous scrolling metal work and beautiful sleek lines.

Take a minute and think about how much privacy you’ll need -- yours and your neighbor’s.

While living hedges and living walls around your gazebo are strikingly beautiful. They also give you privacy.

You will perform miracles dressing your gazebo walls with hardy vines like clematis, English ivy and wisteria.

Use Boston ivy or Lowe's ivy and get rich fall color.

All of these are as easy to grow as they are to train.

Choose climbers like morning glory, purple moonflower or white lace vine for quicker coverage in a single season.

For hedges, consider using a variety of ornamental grasses, or evergreen boxwood bushes. Boxwood is low growing, dense, and shears easily into interesting shapes.

These natural walls not only help to block the view but they do a good job of muffling noise.

Say hello to your creative side, and make your own walls with casual fabrics.

Drape your favorite fabrics across any of the openings. Layers of shears are beautiful and give really good privacy at the same time.

Gazebos can be equipped with canvas wall panels. Install these on your gazebo to block the sun or to block the view.

If you're going for intimate ambiance, drape colorful fabric across all the openings. The fabric can be attached to the top of gazebo frame with Velcro.

There are also some extremely easy and unique do-it-yourself outdoor shades you can make -- yet another family bonding opportunity!

Easy Outdoor Decor

Your Gazebo's Roof

Easy Outdoor Decor

One of the standout features of a wrought iron gazebo is the breathtaking metalwork on the ceiling. They are architecturally contoured works of art!

They can be flat, sloped, arched, domed, pointed and filigreed. Some even have eaves with stacked scrollwork for an oriental twist.

And the variety of iron gazebo roof accessories is endless.

Don't forget that you can have shade under your wrought iron gazebo ceiling.

A snap-on canopy of weather-resistant parachute material is not only functional, it has lots of visual impact.  



Easy Outdoor Decor

Ever Heard Of a Living Gazebo?

Easy Outdoor Decor

They're made with real living trees!

I know -- it's not a wrought iron gazebo -- but it's such an ingenious idea, and so easy to do, I just have to share it with you. You may never make a living gazebo, but everyone should know how!

If you do decide to make a living gazebo, choose trees that do well in your hardiness zone.

The best trees for a living gazebo have only 1 trunk with lots of side branches. The trees should be field grown and their root balls should be wrapped in burlap for protection.

Living Gazebo Material List

  • 4 young trees that are 6-8 feet tall each. You can use more, but not less
  • 2 metal reinforcing rods that are 21’ in length and ½” in diameter
  • 1 1-inch long piece of wire
  • Some jute twine or plastic nursery ties for securing the trees to the reinforcing rods

Assemble The Living Gazebo

Mark out a rectangle on the ground that’s 8’ long by 3’ wide.

Plant your trees at each of the marked corners. Be sure to follow your nursery’s directions for establishing young trees.

In this step, you are forming an X over the center of the gazebo. Put a reinforcing rod next to one of the trees and push the end into the ground about 1’ deep. Then grab the top of this rod and bend toward the center of the gazebo toward an opposite tree. Push this end of the rod into the ground next the opposite tree about 1’ deep. Do this same thing with the other rode.

Take the 1’ piece of wire and use it to securely attach the 2 reinforcing rods at the center of the gazebo.

Bend a tree toward the center in the same direction as the reinforcing rod. Use the twine or ties to loosely attach the tree to the bent reinforcing rod arch. Do this for each of the other 3 trees so that all the trees are leaning towards the center of the gazebo in an X formation.

Caring For Your Living Gazebo

As the trees mature, prune off limbs that don’t confirm to your arch’s shape. If you’ve chosen fast growing trees, they’ll soon fill in making a living gazebo.

To keep your living gazebo growing beautifully and maturing for decades, just prune it in early spring and again in midsummer.

Tuck a bench under your living gazebo for a fabulously quiet, cool, private, peaceful place to stop and take in nature.

Easy Outdoor Decor

Enjoying Your Wrought Iron Gazebo

Easy Outdoor Decor

I only have 2 rules for any outdoor project:

  • Love the work that you do
  • Love the work that you’ve done

Playing in your yard is not about getting through as fast as you can.

It's all about letting the world go away and discovering your own pace.

It's all about doing exactly what you want to do -- in exactly the way you want to do it -- as fast or as slow as you want to get it done. No worries.

There are so many ways to enjoy your gazebo -- let it nurture you!

It's as easy as taking a photograph of your accomplishment and sharing it with someone else -- maybe someone who is far away, who would love to see what you've been up to lately. Won't they be surprised and impressed!

I get such a kick out of re-arranging outside. Sometimes I absolutely love what I've done. Sometimes not so much. The times when I don't are the best. It gives me an excuse to change it -- again.

My outdoor spaces might look one way this week. And next week -- you wouldn't even recognize the place.

A gazebo is a fabulous place to sit in quite meditation or to steal a moment for yourself to simply stop and read a few pages of a book.

Grab yourself a cup of soothing tea and take it out to that chaise lounge you so artfully placed in your gazebo.

A cup of tea to calm you might be just the thing to bring you into the moment.

Why not take a muffin or scone along to snack on while you relax?

Easy Outdoor Decor

The Real Value Of A Wrought Iron Gazebo

Easy Outdoor Decor

It’s not really the leisurely gazebo atmosphere or the aroma of hot dogs on the grill.

It’s stepping back to look at what you can accomplish when no one's opinion matters but your own.

It's creating the very place where you will form your family bonds.

It’s making memories for your family and friends that will endure in every heart long after all those seasons spent in your gazebo have passed.

That's the real value!

Easy Outdoor Decor

Recipes For Your Gazebo Lifestyle

Easy Outdoor Decor

Food and drink always make any event even better – small and large. So here area few of my favorite outdoor recipes to help you get your wrought iron gazebo celebration on!

Frisky Spritzer

3 10-ounce packs frozen sliced strawberries
6 cups white grape juice
1 28-ounce bottle of carbonated water

Hold strawberries at room temperature for 20 minutes
Put 2 packs of the strawberries in a blender -- undrained and blend until smooth
In large serving container, mix blended strawberries, white grape juice, and the last package of unblended strawberries -- undrained.
Serve by pouring the carbonated water slowly into the server container.
Add red food coloring for a more vibrant color.

Easy, Breezy, Cheesy Dogs

1 pound of hot dogs

8 strips cheese of your liking

8 thin bacon strips

8 hot dog buns

16 toothpicks

Start the grill. Cut into each dog 1/2 inch thru. Fill the cut with cheese. Wrap bacon around hot dog and secure at each end with toothpicks. Grill the dogs. Turn them from side to side occasionally until they're brown and bubbly -- about 10 minutes.

Stuff buns with grilled dog -- let's eat!

Grilled, Glazed, Good Pineapple

1 medium pineapple

4 tablespoons butter

1/4 cup maple syrup

Soak pineapple in water for 10 minutes -- you'll be grilling it and you don't want it to burn. In the meantime, melt butter on grill burner and mix in syrup.

Take the pineapple out of the water and slice it into quarters and remove the core from each quarter, but leave the outer peel.

Put sliced pineapple on an oiled piece of foil and cook. Turn and baste with the maple butter until the pineapple is golden. This should be ready after about 10 minutes.

I've tried cooking these on the grill without the foil. It tastes better, but makes lots of smoke when the maple butter drips on the coals. 

Don't you just love a wrought iron gazebo?

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